Common Questions



Who can participate?

All startups or scaleups from the fintech or insurtech sectors or related tech sectors (such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc.) are invited to participate, provided the company has a clear link to the financial sector.

How can I apply with my startup?

Please click on the APPLY NOW button, register there (free of charge) and answer the questionnaire as completely as possible. The more information the jury has first hand, the better they can get an overall picture. Application by email is not possible

Can I apply for a specific category?

No. The jury determines which prize category a participant falls into

What is the application deadline?

The application period runs until June 13, 2024 at 23.59h, CEST. The application system will then be closed automatically. Until then, the questionnaire must be filled out as completely as possible and be stored in the system in the status FINALIZED.

Is it possible to apply via email?

No. An application by email - even if received by email during the application period - will not be considered.

Can you participate again even if you have already won once?

Yes, it is possible. There have already been several double winners since the first edition of the FTGA.

My company is not based in Germany, can we still participate?

Yes, this is possible, as long as there is a clear connection to the German market, e.g. an office in Germany, predominantly German shareholders or similar. For such companies, the category Promising International Startup in Germany was created.

How do I know if my company is among the winners?

Follow us on social media (, where first the longlist will be published after the application deadline, on which all participating companies are listed with logo and link , if the logo was uploaded during the application process. The second step is the publication of the shortlist. Only startups that are on the shortlist can be among the award winners. The winners will be communicated on the award evening.


Who is behind Fintech Germany Award?

The Fintech Germany Award was launched in 2016 by Techfluence, WM Group and Frankfurt Main Finance. It is supported in particular by the top-class jury of over 20 members and our sponsors and partners. Since 2022, the FTGA has been organized by Techfluence, which was also the name giver at the time.

What are the award categories?

Awards will be awarded in the following categories: Seed Stage, Early Stage, Late Stage, Growth Stage, Most Promising International Startup in Germany, as well as the special prizes Insurtech, Artificial Intelligence, Proptech. The jury may deviate from these categories.

Can one win multiple categories?

No and Yes. One can only win in one runtime category. If the jury is of the opinion that a participating company is both the first in an award category and worthy of a special award, it is possible to be invited to the stage twice in one evening to receive the award.

When will the Fintech Germany Award 2024 take place?

FTGA 2024 will take place in autumn 2024 in Frankfurt. The date will be communicated on the usual channels in due course

Are there any costs for the participating startups or scaleups?

No, participation in the award is free of charge for all startups or scaleups. For the award evening itself, there is also - thanks to our sponsors - a limited number of free tickets available. Travel costs to the award evening cannot be covered.

Can startups/scaleups join the FTGA as a sponsor?

No, this is not possible. Exception: they have not participated in FTGA in the previous 2 years and accept that they cannot participate for 3 years after sponsorship.

Where can I get tickets for the award evening?

Stay tuned ! We will let you know as soon as possilble.

The Jury

How does the Jury evaluate?

The Jury first determines the longlist of all participating companies as part of an in scope review. In a second step, the Jury uses a scoring model to determine the shortlist from which the winners are drawn. The longlist and shortlist are published on and communicated via social media.

My company has been nominated by a Jury member. What do I have to do?

If a company has been nominated - every juror has a right to nominate - it will help the Jury to judge the nominee if the questionnaire is filled in. For this, please follow the APPLY NOW button.

Can I become a Jury member?

The core Jury has existed in its current form for many years. Some Jury members have been with the company since the beginning. If a seat becomes available, candidates can be invited on the suggestion of existing Jury members or suggested by sponsors.

Still have questions?

We're happy to help you out.